We are changing over to Rapeseed wax

We are changing over to Rapeseed wax

We are making some changes

We've been working on changing the type of wax we use from Soy wax to Rapeseed wax. Being kind to the planet and bringing environmentally friendly products to the market has always been at the forefront of our ethos.

We started our journey with soy wax for good reason - it is made from the used husks of animal feed (and therefore is zero-waste) and burns toxin-free in your home, therefore not polluting our air. However it does have a high carbon footprint as it is grown in the Americas (our soy wax specifically is harvested in the USA) and therefore has to travel a long way to get here. There are also growing concerns about soy cultivation causing deforestation and impacting smaller producers.

Rapeseed wax has the lowest carbon footprint

Enter Rapeseed wax. Rapeseed is native to the UK and EU and is grown locally and ethically. It also makes for an excellent candle - with a low melting temperature and very clean burn, it also is a healthier option (to paraffin) for your home and for the planet. However because of the nature and very soft consistency of Rapeseed wax, a tiny amount of beeswax is added to help with the texture. Beeswax is the cleanest burning and healthiest wax of all - it is in fact believed to clean the air as it burns and counteract hay fever symptoms! However, we cannot espouse these benefits too much as the amount of beeswax in our rapeseed wax is so little, and more importantly; the addition of beeswax means we can no longer call our candles "vegan" moving forward (because bees).

Our candles and melts will no longer be Vegan

Because we always prided ourselves on being vegan-friendly, this was not a decision taken light-heartedly, but we believe it is the right one. Sustainability and environmentally friendly are our top-priority, and, somewhat paradoxically, eco-friendly and vegan do not always go hand-in-hand. We will always choose vegan where possible, and our reed diffusers remain vegan, however wax products made moving forward will no longer be vegan. All of our product pages will always show an accurate description of which wax type you can expect to receive, and all products purchased until now have been soy. We still have a large soy inventory and so you may still receive soy candles for the time being.

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