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Notes from a chandler

  • Healthier Candles for Your Home

    Breaking down common myths and questions about candle waxes, fragrance and essential oils and wicks. Choose the right home fragrances for you and y...
  • Vegan Candles for the Eco-Conscious Modern Man

    So often overlooked by those fragrances directing all of their energy to selling home fragrance to the fairer sex, most fragrances veer heavily tow...
  • Up close and personal with our Autumn/Winter collection

    At Ralph's Orchard we relish the darker evenings and and colder weather making us hastily retreat indoors to the warmth and cosiness of our homes. ...
  • A little journal about sustainable hygge living with eco-candles

    In honour of COP26, a small ode to eco-friendly living and hygge vegan candles.