Vegan Candles for the Eco-Conscious Modern Man.

Vegan Candles for the Eco-Conscious Modern Man

So often overlooked by those fragrances directing all of their energy to selling home fragrance to the fairer sex, most fragrances veer heavily towards the more floral or fruity deemed to be preferred by women. That said, there is a definite appetite for gender-neutral scents - thinks CK1 and Cool Water from a couple of decades (!) ago, to Jo Malone's beautiful Myrrh & Tonka.

Men do love their scents, and a particular smell is just as powerful in transporting them to a specific place and time in their lives, evoking distant or recent happy memories. The top notes most found in mens' colognes are woody, musky, spicy scents, and increasingly often, citrus. Scent geared to men has come a long way, from the eye-wateringly pungent fragrances of yore to the smooth, mellow aromas we know and love today!

When shopping for fragrance gifts for men - whether personal, or for the home or car, you can still find more personalised options to suit his taste. Does he like the woody aromas of sandalwood or cedar? The spicy scents of ginger, cinnamon and clove, or the earthier tobacco leaf, musk and leather? The smooth notes vanilla and tonka, or the fresher ones of pine and eucalyptus. 

At Ralph's Orchard, we have a wide range of masculine scents, available in both candles (or mandles!) and reed diffusers. See if you can spot the one most suited to you :)

Fireside A smoky fragrance with tones of chestnut, spicy clove bud, rich benzoin resin, balsam and saffron with a finish of Guaiacwood, tonka and leather. A lovely winter fragrance for staying in with a hot cuppa!

Cigars & CognacA surprisingly elegant and smooth scent, combining creamy vanilla and leathery tones. 

Vintage BookshopThis beautiful musky and woody scent has a lovely perfume, best accompanied by a good read! Romantically inspired by leather and dusty tomes on creaky wooden shelves. This scent is rich and slightly masculine, with tones of cashmere, leather, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and warm ginger.

Wild Tobaccocombines a lovely woody scent with floral and tobacco tones. A beautiful combination of tobacco leaf to tame the heady scent of wild flowers.

Bourbon, Oak & Vanilla - the name gives it a way a little! A lovely sweet scent with vanilla and subtle woody oak and cedar mellowing the top note of barrel-aged whiskey. Love whiskey? Then this one is for you!

Enchanted ForestEvoking the fresh smell of Christmas trees, this scent has strong hints of pine needles, cedar & oakmoss.


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