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Candles for Sale

Find some fantastic unique treats on our "Candles for Sale" page. These candles feature both end of the line fragrances and scents from our classic range. Bargains can be found from all of our collections and include gift sets, multiple wick candles and those from our reusable candle range!

Sometimes our candles have small imperfections or fragrances we wish to discontinue. In case of imperfections these will always be mentioned in the product description. For example, our silver goblet candles did not start life as candles and have some evidence of tarnish on them, making them utterly on-of-a-kind! Sometimes we just lower the prices for a limited time on some of our classics for you, these will also appear on the Candle Sale page until their price returns to normal.

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Our repurposed range offers one of a kind vessels - once sold they cannot be replaced as we usually source containers at antique, bric-a-brac and charity shops, and cannot be bought in bulk. This collection is constantly being expanded and new visual treats can be found here all the time. Examples of previous candles include vintage tobacco and Quality Street tins, onyx marble goblets and mini goblet sets, oyster shells and trinket dishes.

large glass bowl candle

The artisanal candles are not priced high despite being one-of-a-kind pieces, making them a steal while on our Sale page! They were all lovingly handmade in the UK with soy, coconut or rapeseed wax, allowing you to benefit from a healthier toxin-free alternative. 

Cheaper candles are always available on the high street, but be wary of "too cheap" as it can often include toxic soot-producing paraffin wax (which burns much faster too) and headache inducing fragrances containing phthalates and without a cruelty-free or vegan guarantee.

All candles on this page are eligible for further discount when you checkout with 3 or more items, and you help us plant a tree with every sale.

Head over to our Candle Sale page to discover unique deals!

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