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5 Simple Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, many of us have good intentions. It is difficult to avoid the mounting effects of climate change, whether through constant news reports, or indeed through the more extreme weather than we are experiencing in recent years.

Anyone who cares about future generations and the health of our planet is naturally keen to help make a difference. The trouble is, sometimes that can take a little extra time and effort, or cost us a little more money, when we are already feeling hard-pressed. If you occasionally find yourself feeling discouraged, here are some really simple tweaks you can make!


Don’t mow the lawn

Friends of the Earth advise that you can be a bad-ass eco warrior by just sitting back and watching the daisies grow! Mowing your lawn on a regular basis destroys the native habitats that our pollinators, such as bees, need to survive and propagate the species. It also adds to the lack of biodiversity in the area.

Even just leaving a section of your lawn unmown can make a difference, providing a haven for insects, flowers, and small mammals. You will also save on the energy costs of running your mower every week, and gain some spare time. A win-win situation!


Eat less meat and dairy

Meat and dairy production accounts for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions for all of agriculture, according to Greenpeace. Grazing animals need vast areas of land, and this has led to massive deforestation, and the destruction of wetland habitats. This is not to mention all that extra methane that cows pump into the atmosphere…


Share your journey

Single occupant car journeys lead to thousands of extra tonnes of CO2 being pumped into the planet each year. Many workplaces now encourage car sharing schemes, which reduces pollution, and is a great way to cut down on your fuel bills as energy prices continue to soar.

It can also be a great chance to have a friendly chat with a familiar face on your commute, and for some it can feel like a safer option than taking public transport.


Use alternatives to plastic

Plastic waste is a huge enemy to the planet, through the pointless waste of fossil fuels, to the microplastics that make their way into the soil and waterways, never to biodegrade fully. Even when you put plastic packaging into the recycling bin, it doesn’t always end up where it is supposed to.

There are some really simple swaps you can make, such as buying fruit and veg loose rather than wrapped in the supermarket, and buying a reusable coffee cup. Always carry a reusable canvas bag with you when you are out and about, to avoid needing a disposable plastic carrier bag.


Choose eco friendly candles

You might think that candles are a fairly harmless product, but many types are made from paraffin wax, which is a petroleum derivative. This is a fuel that releases climate change gases. It’s not just the CO2 that you want to avoid in your home, many cheaper candles use toxic substances for fragrance, which can really damage the air quality of your home.

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