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What Does Bergamot Smell Like?

One of the most popular fragrances for scenting a home is bergamot and one quick little sniff of the scent will certainly cement it at the top of your list for making your house smell delicious.

Bergamot itself is a citrus fruit that can be found in southern Italy and it’s a combination of lemon and bitter orange, looking rather like a pear with either green or yellow rind… which sounds a little confusing!

What makes it wonderful as a choice for home fragrance is its beautifully sunny citrus smell, a scent that will whisk you off on your summer holidays immediately! It’s an incredibly refreshing smell and one that will make your living spaces come alive, as well as making them feel welcoming and comfortable to spend time in.

Those of you who are serious tea aficionados are sure to recognise the smell of the citrus fruit, as it’s a key ingredient that can be found in Earl Grey!

In terms of actual scent, it’s a little reductive to describe it as ‘citrus’ and not delve a little deeper, as the fragrance is nuanced and interesting, with lots of different notes to identify.

It is at once refreshing and crisp, floral and zesty, a little on the spicy side with a hint of resin here and there… it really is a very intriguing smell indeed, no doubt a huge part of why it’s so appealing to so many.

If it’s a sophisticated smell you’re after to help scent your home, you could certainly do a lot worse than investing in some bergamot blossom scented soy candles. They’re sure to light up your home - and your life!

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