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Ralph's Orchard Gift Guide

Fragrances are often associated with special moments in our lives, and the perfect scent can be just the right gift to commemorate a shared memory or celebrate the unique personality of someone we love.
With our range of wellness, home décor and fragrance products, you can easily find the perfect gift that perfectly captures the spirit of your loved ones.


Sleep Kit Gift Set (£22)

 Sleep Kit Gift Set

Sleep Kit Gift Set with alcohol-free pillow mist and our organic lavender eye pillow, and a little lavender sachet to tuck under your pillow at night. Unwind and relax into a blissful night's sleep. 


Pampering Gift Set (£28)

 Vegan Pampering Gift Set

 Includes a ceramic wax melt burner, small wax melt (a scent from our classic collection) and soy tealight, botanical bath bomb, handmade soap, and our Aromatherapy Eye Pillow.


 Mini Candles Gift Set (£22)

 Mini Candles Gift Set

 Create a completely customisable gift set of mini candles with any 3 of our fragrances. A luxury gift perfect for those special occasions or just to add a bit of style to your everyday.


Gardeners Gift Set (£18)

Gardeners Gift Set

Thoughtful and eco-friendly gift for the person who loves to spend their days outdoors. Includes peat-free wildflower seed bombs (bee and butterfly-friendly) and a Lavender or Tomato Leaf scented candle.



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