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Welcome to Ralph's Orchard, where we craft candles that are not only beautiful and fragrant, but also safe for both your health and the environment. Our story began with my youngest son (and namesake), and a mission to alleviate his respiratory issues by keeping our indoor air as pure as possible. We use only sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients in all of our creations, repurposing unique vessels, and offsetting all our deliveries by planting a tree with every order. Our candles are eco-friendly, biodegradable and locally sourced to keep our carbon footprint as teeny-tiny as we can. Join us and light up your world one candle at a time. 

 Jo the candle maker


Why choose Ralph's Orchard?

Better for your home and health, and for the health of our planet, Ralph's Orchard offsets all deliveries and is carbon-neutral. A tree is planted for every order you make, reducing your own carbon footprint every time you buy one of our candles!

Made from eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable and phthalate-free ingredients, Ralph's Orchard candles contain biodegradable soy and coconut wax and locally sourced rapeseed wax.

Our candles, melts and reed diffusers make for thoughtful and unique gifts for your eco-conscious loved ones. Our candles can light up your world and fill your room with wonderful fragrance.


Some facts about our candles:

Soy wax is environmentally friendly and more sustainable than paraffin wax. It is biodegradable and burns cleaner resulting in much fewer soot particles in the air. Soy wax also burns slower as it has a lower melting point, so your candles will last much longer. 

Coconut Wax has the cleanest burn and is also sustainable and eco-friendly. It makes for a fantastic candle as it holds much more scent! 

Rapeseed We are moving towards using rapeseed wax to replace our soy wax. Rapeseed wax is an ideal sustainable eco-wax. Rapeseed is locally and ethically grown in the UK and EU and therefore reduces out carbon footprint. 

Pure essential oils are used in many of our candles, these are indicated in the item descriptions. Essential oils are purely derived from the plants, flowers and herbs. These candles will have a more delicate scent to create a soothing or uplifting ambience. If not indicated as having essential oils, fragrance oils of the highest quality are used. All our fragrances are phthalate-free. These candles will have a more intense scent, and will emit wonderful fragrance even when not lit!

Our wicks are made from organic cotton and are eco-friendly, lead free, non toxic, paraffin free, and contain no zinc or other metals. 

I have always loved interior design/décor and candles were always such an important part of creating ambience in my home, I always lit them when entertaining or when I was relaxing on my own. Classic candles are traditionally in standard vessels and I thought it would be great to combine 3 really important factors (aesthetic, scent, lighting) into one and upcycle beautiful containers which may otherwise be stuck at the back of a cupboard. 

I hope you love my candles and that they bring peace and calm into your home and to your loved ones.

xx Jo

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Read more about our Sustainability Efforts.

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